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Covid 19 Vaccination Recommendations

With the recent FDA emergency use authorization (EUA) for Covid 19 vaccination, questions have arisen about whether pregnant women or women attempting pregnancy should receive this vaccine. Pregnant women were excluded from the studies that led to this EUA so there is no information regarding the safety of this vaccine in pregnancy. Undoubtedly there were women in these studies who received the vaccine and subsequently conceived but this has not been formally analyzed or reported. Most other vaccines, with the exception of live vaccines, are safe during pregnancy. The Covid 19 vaccination is not a live vaccine but rather uses a new technique called “messenger RNA (mRNA)” to stimulate an immune response. None of the existing vaccinations have used mRNA technology so we do not have any long-term outcome on such vaccines. However, the safety profile of the recent Covid 19 mRNA vaccines looks very reassuring.

Although we do not know about the safety of Covid 19 vaccination in pregnancy, we do know that pregnant women who contract Covid 19 during pregnancy are at higher risk for severe respiratory complications compared to non-pregnant women. Therefore, prevention of this viral infection in pregnancy is of utmost importance. If you have the option of receiving the Covid 19 vaccination we strongly recommend you take it. These vaccines require 2 doses at 3 or 4 week interval. Based on current available evidence we recommend the following to our patients:

  • 1. When you are given the opportunity to receive the Covid 19 vaccine we strongly recommend you take it.
  • 2. You may continue with your infertility workup even if you have not completed the 2 doses of the vaccine.
  • 3. We recommend you delay any fertility treatment, IUI, IVF, frozen embryo transfer etc., until you have received the second dose of the vaccine. This will ensure you have immunity to Covid 19 before you get pregnant and allow for safer pregnancy should you conceive.