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We love hearing about your experiences with Arkansas Fertility & Gynecology, and seeing your sweet little ones! Tell us your story and submit your photos for a chance to be featured on our website and social media.

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photos of twins with their three yeard old brother - testimonial for Mindy M.


We did not have one, but two major Success stories with Arkansas Fertility & Gynecology. After being told for 6 years that we could not conceive, Dr. Batres was able to help us to become pregnant with our first child (who is now a little over 3 y/o), with only a few months of appointments. And when we tried to conceive again for a second child, Dr. Batres was able to help us become pregnant again with our twin boys (they are now almost 5 months old)! We are beyond amazingly blessed with 3 beautiful sons because of AF&G, and feel our Lord blessed us with being able to have AF&G as an option. Dr. Batres is a hero in mine and my families eyes and we are forever grateful for him and all of the amazing staff at Arkansas Fertility!

Mindy M.

photos of three kids - testimonial for Angela Y.


My journey starts in 2001 when we were referred to AF&G after difficulty getting pregnant. Dr. Moutos went over many options, and we explored quite a few, and finally in 2008 after our 4th IVF I was pregnant with my oldest daughter, Summer. Four years later we went back for IVF and in 2013 we had twin girls, Alexis and Keira. We are forever grateful for all that AF&G provides and the Doctors there, without them we wouldn’t have our 3 amazing daughters who we cherish.

Angela Y.

little girl playing outside - testimonial for Kelsey E.


We were referred to AF&G in 2015 and saw Dr. Batres for further evaluation of our infertility for over a year. We soon found the cause of our infertility. We attempted IUI without success and then completed IVF. After the first and second failed IVF cycles Dr. Batres took time to sit down with us and discuss what changes we can make to the next cycle in hopes of a successfully pregnancy. He never rushed with us and took time to explain everything fully and answer all of our questions. After our third IVF cycle we finally wee able to welcome our miracle girl Maddison. We are so thankful for Dr. Batres and all of AF&G staff for being so accommodating to us and genuinely caring for us and our dream of becoming parents. We are forever grateful you helped us create this beautiful little girl who has fulfilled our lives.

Kelsey E.

baby wrapped in rainbow blanket - testimonial for Larua L.


After every storm there is a rainbow of hope!!!!! Thank you Dr. Batres & AFG for letting our dreams come true.

Laura L.

two young girls smiling


After years of trying for a baby, we were referred to Arkansas Fertility and Gyn. After testing, treatments, and a few miscarriages, we never gave up hope. We were finally blessed with our daughter, Jolie, in April 2014. We wanted a sibling for our sweet girl and we went back to see Dr. Moutos again. We were blessed with our second daughter, Rowan Kate, in April 2018. So thankful for Arkansas Fertility and Gyn.

Stacie B.

baby wrapped in blanket - testimonial for Alicia P.


Fertility is a roller coaster of emotions. We had 2 unsuccessful attempts, a miscarriage and the last attempt was successful. Every tear shed and heartache is worth it now. The staff and doctors were amazing. Y’all will always have a special place in our hearts.

Alicia P.

baby wrapped in blue blanket - testimonial for Leslea Z.


After 3 unsuccessful IUI’s my wife & I decided to switch physicians. Dr. Batres saw us & we immediately knew we had made the right decision. He spent so much time explaining the process, plan, & expectations he had with our fertility journey. We completed a 4th IUI but with no success. At this time, he recommended IVF. We were unsure if this was an option for our family, but ultimately decided that this was our best chance of conceiving. Dr. Batres & his staff provided lots of education as to the process & what we could expect. They eased the stress & worry of our IVF journey & made the normally daunting process smooth. Thankfully we were successful with our first round of IVF & now have a beautiful baby boy! We are eternally grateful for everything that Arkansas Fertility & Gynecology has done for us & our family, we could never thank y’all enough.

Leslea Z.

two young children and boy and girl sitting on a rug - testimonial for Adrienne D.


My husband Ryan and I came to Arkansas Fertility and Gynecology in September of 2016. We had been trying to get pregnant, to give our 6 year old daughter a sibling, for a year. We tried Femara at first and found out I was pregnant in December. Unfortunately we miscarried in January. We took some time off, but came back to AF&G fall of 2017. We tried three IUIs. Our final one, I got pregnant but miscarried again. We started IVF with Dr. Batres January 2018. We had some unfortunate circumstances come up, but finally had our retrieval in March. We did a frozen transfer May 17, 2018 with Dr. Moutos. I found out I was pregnant that month. I had a scare and thought I was miscarrying again, but turns out I was pregnant with twins! We had several ultrasounds with both doctors. Our twins will be one on January 7th! We will forever be grateful to the staff at Arkansas Fertility and Gynecology. They truly began to feel like family to us during our journey.

Adrienne D.

two young children and boy and girl sitting on grass by fence. - testimonial for Laura L.


My husband and I tried for over five years to start a family of our own. With two miscarriages and a tubal pregnancy we were finally able to conceive with the help of Dr. Batres and AFG. A friend recommended AFG and it was the biggest blessing ever. The year 2016 we started the IVF process and transferred one beautiful 5-day embryo and froze the remaining embryos. We were very fortunate and blessed to be able to conceive with our first round of IVF; August 2, 2017 we welcomed our baby boy Maverick. The first year flew by and we were ready to go back for our other embryo. I remember being nervous because this time we would be having a FET (frozen cycle) but everyone at AFG explained this process and was just as awesome as they were during the fresh cycle process. Dr. Batres recommended we transfer only one embryo and we did that and were able to conceive with only one frozen cycle. My little girl made her big appearance on Mother's Day 2019 and it was the best present ever. Thank You AFG.

Laura L.

young girl sitting on table - testimonial for Whitney J.


This is my 19-month-old Gracyn. We are so very thankful for everyone at Arkansas fertility and gynecology, without them we would have never had the chance to be parents! After several miscarriages and the loss of my Fallopian tubes we heard 3 tiny little heartbeats. Gracyn’s was the only strong one and only to survive but she completes our life!!!

Whitney J.

young girl in wagaon - testimonial for Heather W.


When Cody and I got married we knew we wanted to start a family right away. A year later and we still were unable to conceive. After several procedures and no answer, our OBGYN referred us to Dr. Batres at Arkansas Fertility & Gynecology. We began there in January of 2019. We went through 4 IUIs that were all unsuccessful. On Cody's 31st birthday, we had our IVF egg retrieval. What could be a better birthday present than the creation of your child!! God blessed us beyond what we could have ever imagined and we decided to transfer 1 healthy embryo. We now have our precious Harper Wheatley Webb who will be one years old shortly. The whole team at Arkansas Fertility & Gynecology were wonderful. We had a great experience and would recommend them to anyone. The doctors took the time to explain, go over options and give you a chance to ask questions. The nurses were always kind. We couldn't have asked for anything more. We credit them for their help in bringing our miracle baby to us!

Heather W.

two teens standing in front of a dog holding dog. - testimonial for Melinda S.


Here are my two miracles. I was told I would NEVER have children of my own. Thanks to Arkansas Fertility my daughter Ella is 13 years old. She was a fresh embryo transfer through IVF. My son Robbie is 11 years old. He was a frozen embryo that was made at the same time as Ella. When we were waiting for Robbie to be implanted the embryologist came running in & said "Look at this! I've never seen an embryo move as much as this one coming out of the freezing state! I know this one is going to make it!" I believe that embryo was Robbie & he still doesn't know how to stay still. Thank God for the doctors & staff of Arkansas Fertility for being such an amazing team & making my dreams come true. Keep the faith & know the plans God has for you.

Melinda S.

baby girl on pink blanket - testimonial for The Edwards Family


We found out 3 years into our marriage that we would need to see a fertility specialist for further testing into why we had been unable to conceive. We were worried, anxious and scared. All we wanted was a tiny baby of our own that was a part of both of us. Dr. Batres eased and calmed all of our fears at our first appointment. After further testing and work up we found our problem to be male factor infertility. After a failed IUI and 3 cycles of IVF we FINALLY have our miracle little girl Maddison who is now 14 months old. We could not be more thankful to Dr. Batres and AF&G for helping get our precious girl to us. Everyone was so welcoming and sweet it made our experience easier to bear. Thank you so much for giving us the gift of a family!

The Edwards Family