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9101 Kanis Road, Suite 300, Little Rock, AR 72205
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P: 501-801-1200 or toll free 877-801-5353

Our Mission

We believe that infertility is a disease and should be treated as such. However, unlike some other diseases, infertility is usually not the result of a person’s lifestyle or bad habits. Our philosophy is to give our patients information, based on current scientific evidence, about their condition that will enable them to decide upon a treatment plan.

Infertility can be a devastating condition, but couples differ in how aggressive they want to be in attempting to overcome this problem. We respect the patient’s autonomy in this decision making process and will work within their financial, moral and religious constraints to formulate a treatment plan that is suitable for them.
We recognize that infertility treatment is often not covered by insurance. Therefore we will strive to perform only those diagnostic tests and procedures that are essential and avoid extraneous testing that does not provide useful information that will alter our treatment plans.

We will make every effort to treat you on a personal and individual basis. You can be assured that your care will receive our full attention.